L2 Nova Chrono - Lineage 2 Freya PvP Server.

Nova Chrono: Freya Rate x100 is the Freya project that emphasizes PvP experience between players. PvP server where only the strong prevail. This is NOT a full 1 hour PvP server, instead we provide a platform where YOU and your party can go back to the good old Lineage 2 days!
Server time: GMT -3
Rates: EXP | x100 | SP x300 | Adena x1000 | Drop x2 | Spoiler х20 | Bosses х1 | Quest х10 | Epauletts х2
Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops)
Nobles last party Hit on Barakiel

Server Economy

Armors- for Festival Adena
Weapon- for Festival Adena
Jewels- for Festival Adena
Codex Mastery- for Festival Adena
Events- reward 10 event medal
Fame- for pvp points, olympiad token/event medal
Boss reward- 10 Boss medal respawn 4 hours
Big Boss reward- 30 Boss medal respawn 8 hours
Blessed Enchant- weapon/armor for Festival Adena
Divine Enchant- for pvp points/Boss medal
Special Cloaks- for pvp points/ Boss medal


AIO buff system
NPC buffer
Buff slots: 26/12
Buff time: 2 hours.


Safe: +8
Max Weapon Enchant: +16
Max Armor Enchant: +16
Max Jewels Enchant: +16
Blessed Enchant chance: +9.90% +10.85% +11.80% +12.75% +13.70% +14.65% +15.60% +16.55%
Divine Enchant chance: 100%


Rotating PvP Area
Tournament 2x2, 3x3, 5x5, 9x9
Automatic Potions
Special buffs, union of improveds, chant of spirit, mental shield and chant of protection
Siege Protection: Players cannot leave the fight area
TW Protection: The flag bearer cannot use skills
Canceled buffs come back in 20 seconds


New periods every 15 days.
Only 1 character per computer is allowed.
There is no sale of Hero


Injection Protection
DDoS protection
1º   IiIChapoLinIiI 6508 pvps
2º   Halley 3861 pvps
3º   BRABAO 3153 pvps
4º   HendrickZadock 2587 pvps
5º   Kennyon 2024 pvps
1º   IiIChapoLinIiI 119 pks
2º   JonCrk 49 pks
3º   Princesr0mia 43 pks
4º   XxX 33 pks
5º   HeyPeppers 31 pks
1º   Alexandrita lv 11
2º   BDHerculano lv 11
3º   RaInBoW lv 11
4º   IluminattE lv 11
5º   1OOControle lv 11
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